Where and How to Get Startup Business Loan in India?

If you are living in India and planning to start a business, you must be requiring financial assistance and support to get your business growing. So, business loans seem to be very useful for such borrowers. Nowadays, startup business loan in India is also becoming too popular as by availing this loan, one can get started with a new business without being worried about funds. Now, the question is where and how to get small business loan in India. So, here we have tried to answer these two major queries of your in a brief manner. Let’s take a look:

Where to get Startup Business Loan in India?

The borrowers are recommended to visit rupeestation.com, which is said to be the best private finance company in India that offers all types of loans at lowest rate of interest. In fact, the best part of availing loans from here is that no matter what your credit score is, you will get loans at low rate of interest. This platform provides loans to the borrowers after comparing several banks and NBFCs.  They guarantee that you will get the approval within 2 minutes, and the amount will be disbursed in not more than 2 working days.

How to get Small Business loan in India?

The best way to get small business loan in India is by visiting the website for Rupeestation.com, and then fill up the online form of business loan. Now, after you have submitted the form, be ready with all the documents. The customer care executive of Rupee Station will soon connect with you for document submission. After a few minutes, if your candidature matches, you will get the approval. Also, it is guaranteed fact that you will be able to avail the funds for startup business loan in India in just 2 days.


Know The Facts For Applying Loan Against Property At Rupee Station

To own property is life most precious dream for everyone, and to get it at any cost, then loan against property comes as the best option. Online Loans are always accessible and convenient to avail it where the Rupee Station has also do the same thing by offering the attractive ranges of loan amount along with the lowest interest rate on loan against property.

Loan against property rate of interest
Quick Tips to Get Loan Against Property In India

Through applying at the Rupee Station, you can get up to the loan worth of INR 5 Crores within a few days. You can also avail one of the cheapest options with the interest ranges from 12 to 15% with a tenure period of up to fifteen years. Rupee Station offers the online documentation hassle-free process by providing the following numerous advantages where it makes you more eligible to get your loan to approve quickly:

LAP on the already mortgaged property:-

If it is already home loan outstanding in your property, then still you can take LAP on the same property. So, here are a few factors which make you the eligible to apply for a LAP like:

  • Your Eligibility:- If your house has been increased the value between the times that you purchased it through the home loan and when you take a LAP, then you will be entitled to take LPA of around 60% of the market value of the property.
  • Down Payment:- If you have paid more down payment and taken a lesser amount of a loan when taking the original home loan, then you will be capable to avail Loan against property.

Don’t borrow more than your requirement and capability:-

While borrowing money, always remember that you shouldn’t be greedy. Always ensure that the borrowed money should be used for your need under your repaying capacity. If you have borrowed money which is extra more than your needs, then it may put you in deep trouble. According to the rule of borrowing & investment, the EMI should not cost more than 60% of your monthly salary.

Rupee Station is an online lending marketplace where it offers the fast, reliable, and secure services of Loan against property by providing you the minimal paperwork process with the guarantee of instant approval. You are welcome at Rupee Station to find the brief detail about loan against property. Our dedicated team of professional managers will always here to full assist you while filling out the online form.